The Domain Journey continues

Hello all!

Confession here.

This site is not the first blog I ever tried to create. The first one I ever built is

called my  Unfortunately I did not understand the basics and the blog failed

rather badly at first.

So eventually with my winning hit and miss strategy, this site over time gained a regular readership.


So why am I back building another blog. Very simple, I wish to show you how to build it right the first

time out.

The journey continues …

Come on now Scott why don’t you just get to the point and tell us the domain service you chose.

Good point.

So I spent some time looking around different domain name sites before I found

the right domain for this site. I did indeed discover many different sites that could

help me find a domain.

However, I did have an requirement for the site I chose my domain on.

One of the  most important aspects I have found is finding a hosting site that has excellent

back office support. Actual people that can help you when you have no clue.

I have never been a fan of those that had a cheap cost to them

but no back office support. To be honest it always irked me when the DNS

Domain Name settings did not work correctly.

I remember typing in domain name settings and not understanding what “Cname”,

an “A” name, or a “txt” name really is. More on those later on …

So who did I choose?

Drum roll please …

I chose Go Daddy because whenever I had issues in the past, I could always call them on the

phone and a real person would answer the phone and help me out of my fix.

Four years ago, with a different domain provider, I remember running around in circles trying

to fix the DNS setting, and I remember having high levels of frustration.

So take this advice, be willing to pay a little extra to save you hours and hours of frustration.

Once chosen 

Now that’s a strange title for a paragraph, but not if you understand why?

One of the biggest issues, I have on the internet is having my domain attacked by bots or other

malicious creatures . If you do not protect your site from exotic invaders, no one can ever reach the information you really

want them to read.  I use a program called Cloudflare as an initial level of protection from foreign invaders.

So what is Cloudflare?

More on that next time …


3 thoughts on “The Domain Journey continues”

  1. I too have had (many) blogs. Until now, I didn’t know what I was doing (not that I do now), but at least I can seek help with Dean’s team. I’ve always been a writer, writing journals from an early age, so blogging, audio and video take me to the next step! Thanks for joining us on the journey of Millionaires In The Making! (I like the sound of that!)

  2. Hey Scott, the struggle is real lol. This is my first venture into anything like this and I struggled with my domain name for some time in the beginning, I am ok with it at the moment but I’m just not 100 percent. As the saying goes eventually, I’m gonna have to poop or get off the pot haha. Good to see you have it figured out have an outstanding week!

  3. I love that you are starting fresh to show others how to get off on the right foot. One additional recommendation I would offer to folks stuck with choosing a domain name would be to try asking ChapGPT. You can give the AI a prompt describing what kind of business and what kind of content or niche you want that business to fit into, and then ask it for some recommended domain names. It may not give you a solution you like in the first try, but you can keep prompting the AI to help it offer new ideas that might fit your vibe better.



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