Is your head in the Clouds?

The other day my wife and I were at the Fry’s grocery store here in Phoenix. We needed to

pick up some food supplies for the the next week. I barely noticed a broken down car with

a desperate family in it. So as usual, I dropped her off at the the front of the store as I waited

in the car for her to return.

When she returned, I noticed she had an extra bag of groceries, and a case of water. So as we

were leaving the parking lot she asked me to pull over near that broken down car. She popped out

and handed the groceries to a Man, his Wife, and their sleeping daughter. Turns out he had just lost

his job, their car broke down, and they were starving. While we could not do more than give them some

food, my beautiful bride had noticed their situation as my head had remained in the clouds.

That day my wife taught me the beauty of doing, not just thinking about it.

In our online journey, I wish to impress upon you the same lesson. The value of doing.

By the way I know you tuned in to find the value of Cloudflare. It is a protection device for your website.

Honestly, I sure exactly how it works, but I understand it works somewhat like an internet shield that

protects you fron online attacks to your site.  You see 4 years ago when I constructed my first blog, no one

ever explained to me the value of Cloudflare. So be sure to set up your Domain Name Settings in Cloudflare to

protect your owned asset.

Once you have your Cloudflare features set up, you can bein to build your own “owned asset”. An owned asset

is one someone cannot take away from you. You see I have learned that Facebook, Twitter(now X), Tik Tok, and

Instagram can shut you down at a moments notice. They are what you might call a borrowed asset. If they do not

like something you have had to say, they will shut you down with the turn of a switch.

Not happened to you yet. Just wait eventually you will do something that offends their algorithm and poof you will


My honest advice to you is to build assets on many sites, but start with a base like a blog site. The blog site many

people use is WordPress. You might say it is the standard by which all others are measured by.

Think of it as Legos for blogs. Step one is to pick your theme. Be aware that there are thoussands of themes to pick

from, so if you are a little like me, you will choose one that has a high amount of users and is not too complicated to

build or understand. Personally a newspaper them worked well for me. Nothing like the black and white. as we move

forward, I will add a few more bells and whistles, personally why distract your readers with all kinds of fancy pictures, when that

distracts from the beginning of the journey we are taking. We will get to that a little later on.

Building an initial framework is what it is about right now.

Remember with Legos it is building a structure using your imagination with the basics in mind.

Next time we will talk abou deploying your owned assets. So let’s keep the faith and move forward with the basics before

you learn how to run ….

4 thoughts on “Is your head in the Clouds?”

  1. Great post Scott and yes, building form foundations is paramount when starting out, Like you I’m not sure how Cloudflare works but it does offer some sort of protection to your site.

  2. Hi, Scott! I like the way you explain the need for Cloudflare. I don’t really understand what it does, but I’m glad it does what’s needed! Your bride sounds like a lovely person. Congratulations on your marriage!

  3. Yes, Cloudflare is like a little secret. I know of one such SAAS system where you need to pay annually for that added protection – and what that is the inclusion of http(s)://.

    Your site when you first set up is http://

    The added ‘s’ is the security that you need particularly should you want to sell something from your site as it protects your client’s confidential details. I note now that most sites whether they are selling or not now have https, so have added google’s definition

    ‘HTTP messages are plaintext, which means unauthorized parties can easily access and read them over the internet. In contrast, HTTPS transmits all data in encrypted form. When users submit sensitive data, they can be confident that no third parties can intercept the data over the network.’


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