The Moment of Truth …

Remember that iconic scene in the Indiana Jones movie, when Indy pulls up that Golden Idol just after replacing its weight

with a bag of sand. Wait for it… Wait for it… Nothing but that still version of silence when we the audience wait to see what

might happen next.


You know that is what happened to me just after I tried to transfer my old blog site to the newly created one. The data migration using

the data migration started up slowly and then it picked up some serious speed. Everything move carefully placed, so I

would not have to start over again.  And in that instance, where I had placed my confidence: Disaster Stuck.


My new WordPress Blog page blew up with a page full of errors.


Disheartened after two weeks of work, my data crashed.


So much for that bag of sand. Right?


You can bet that I had a look of horror on my face.


I flipped off the computer and called it a night.


The next day I returned to the scene of the disaster and hoped something had changed. To my chagrin, the blog site that I had

meticulously built lay in a pile of rubble. To this day, I still do not know what happened.


So I sucked it up and hit the chat help button to see if somone else could help. The first tech assistant simply gave up and said it lay

beyond his ability to fix. He then scheduled me with a higher lever coach. I set an appoint with the next coach, and we tried the process

all over again. We only finished part of the process and our 15 minutes passed by way too quickly without progress.


I felt like I had spun my wheels for over two weeks with several 15 minute training sessions.


Not to be daunted by these temporary failures, I continued on. I followed the structures the online coach had given me, “et voila” on the fourth

attempt success. An actual blog site appeared.


Taking my victory that evening, I shut off the computer with great satisfaction. Little did I know that in my Cloudflare DNS settings another issue

would arrive the next evening. You see, I had set up conflicting settings, and my domain name kept flipping back and forth to different places




I swallowed my pride and sent a help request to Internet Profits to ask for assistance, and a gentleman named Chris diagnosed the situation

and came to my aid.


I learned through this situation to ask for help and never, never,  never give up.


So after three weeks of frustration, I readied myself for the next step.


Placing widgets on my site.


By the way what’s a widget …


We will handled that next time.




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  1. Hello Scott, I can kind of relate my website and wordpress are to different beasts will not update the other is a different theme, crazy. I’ll take your advice and start asking for lots of help before I destroy it beyond recognition lol.


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