To content or not be content?

Why creating content is important

Have you ever thought about why creating content is important?

It is very simple really, we want our readers to be content with what we write.

You see the the word content has a couple of different meanings. The first one is

to appreciate where you are, and to be good with. The second refers to the concept

of  a container. In actuality we want to have both. We to to provide not only value but also

have joy with what we wrote.

Mistakes with the first blog

I will be honest the first blog site that I created had excellent information, but I felt it

did not always have my heart. I relied too much on what other people said and sometimes

paraphrased their ideas simple because I did not think my ideas were good enough. So certainly

I could get my pages to rank for a certain subject, but in truth I never won the hearts of my readers.

I was too focused on getting what I wanted, rather than what my readers needed.

Focus on what your customer needs

My goal here is to focus this blog on the things that I actually think you need. I will be speaking

from the heart as we move forward. Now iam aware that I promised you an explanation of an Optin

page so that you did not feel lost in space. But as a quick reminder, an Optin page does no good unless

you can win the hearts and minds of your readers.

Constructing your Blog Building

Let’s then think of constructing a building. Generally when we walk into a  commercial building or

a personal home. We walk into a lobby or front hallway without having any clue about what the rest

of the house contains. We want that hallway or lobby to be an inviting place. One where our customers

or guests feel welcome.

Offering a welcome gift

How would you feel if you walked into a building and they immediately wanted to sell you something.

Thinking you are a bit like me, you might just run. However how would you feel if you walked into the

store and they immediately ask you if you wanted something to drink. Perhaps you could offer them a glass of

Champagne or perhaps a glass of water or ice tea.

Do you think that you might be a little more comfortable, and be more readily prepared to listen? When someone

does not have a great mindset, it is impossible to communicate the information that your guests would like to hear.

So attack and aggressive mode is out of the question.

An Attitude of Grace

You know I remember times I have walked into my own house, and blurted out everything bad that happened during

the day. How well do you think that went over with my wife? Let’s just say it often times created a chilly reception and evening.

An attitude of welcome is always important. If you do not start off with grace your message is never communicated.

What is an Optin Funnel?

It is simply your welcome to your guests. You want it to be enticing, but not over the top. So before we speak about Optin,

we need to describe the funnel piece.

How many of you have been to a grocery story lately? For those have you will note that staple items like milk are always placed

at the back of the store. Why you might ask? Well the Grocer wants you walk the entire store before you get to the product you

want to buy. They want you to see all of their wares before you get to the milk. Their hope of course is taht you will choose some

other items for your cart before to grab the milk. let’s also not forget that when you get to the cash register, they put all the impulse

items like candy and magazines with catchy titles.

Do you pick up those extra items or don’t you? Not everyone does, but a given percentage will. Its just like when you went to McDonald’s

and they asked if you wanted frys with that burger.

A Good Optin Funnel

In the end a good Optin funnel will be enticing and offer you a gift in exchange for your name and email address. To see an example an

Optin Funnel, I would suggest you click the newsletter link at the top of this blog?

You might find a couple of gifts you just cannot resist.

In the affiliate world we call thes lead magnets.

Not sure what a lead magnet is nor what the word affilate means.

Tune in next time where all will be revealed!


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  1. Hi, Scott!
    Your personality rings out in this article. It is great to hear!

    The milk at the back of the store is an interesting way to describe the act of a funnel.

    I look forward to your description of a lead magnet and the meaning of affiliate.

    Have a great week ahead!


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