What on earth is a widget?

The further you proceed into your world of online adventure you will come

across words and terms that you just do not understand. One of the terms that

confounded me. You got it the word “widget”.

In the accounting profession we thought of widgets as objects to be accounted for.

All the accounting manuals, I have read ever gave a description of precisely what

a widget is and does.

I can tell you in the online world it means something quite different. Let’s say you

choose to build your blog on a platform called WordPress. You will be confronted

immediately with these objects called widgets.

Widgets, as I understand it, are mini-programs or pieces of code which help to perform

tasks on your blog. thank goodness Internet profits help me decipher which one I needed

and which ones I did not.

So let me help give you a starter list. The first widget I used help to migrate information

from my old blog to my new blog. You certainly read in the last blog that I did not exactly

follow the directions given by Dean Holland at Internet Profits. However, I did in fact learn

to ask questions and utilise the help features. Never be afraid to ask questions because

sometimes procesures are given in a manner which does not make sense to you. You might

need for them to be explained in a different fashion.

The 2nd widget or plugin you need for your blog is:

Lead Connector Plugin

It will help you connect to sales funnel to your blog.

Darn another one of those crazy terms “Sales Funnel”

You might ask exactly what is a Sales Funnel?

I am glad you asked!

I will tell you next time as we continue Scott’s Online Internet Adventure.








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  1. There are certainly a whole lot of widget plugins on WordPress; trying to figure out which ones to use can be daunting, it’s good to have someone help figure out which ones to use. The leadconnector is very helpful.


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