My Roadmap to Affiliate Success


Oh no Scott you used that word affiliate again, and I do not have clue what the heck you are talking about?

Ok , Ok I got you here.

So lets start with an official definition, and then I will give you my definition.

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where a business rewards one or more affiliates

for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. This approach relies on the principle

of revenue sharing.

Here’s how it typically works:

Affiliation: An individual or company becomes an affiliate of another business, typically by signing up for its affiliate

program. This affiliation allows the affiliate to promote the business’s products or services.

Promotion: The affiliate promotes these products or services to their audience through various channels. These channels

can include blogs, social media, email newsletters, websites, or digital ads.

Tracking: The business provides unique tracking links or codes to the affiliate. When the affiliate uses these links for

promotion, the business can track the traffic and sales generated from the affiliate’s efforts.

Commission: The affiliate earns a commission for the sales, clicks, or leads generated from their promotional activities.

The commission structure can vary widely depending on the company and the product or service being promoted. It

can be a fixed amount per sale/lead or a percentage of the sale.

Payment: Once the affiliate has earned commissions, they are paid out according to the terms of the affiliate program.

Payment schedules can vary, with some programs offering monthly payments, while others may operate on a different timeline.

Affiliate marketing is beneficial for both the affiliate and the business. The business gains increased exposure and potentially

higher sales with relatively low upfront marketing costs, since commissions are only paid out for actual sales or leads. Affiliates

benefit by earning commissions without having to create their own products or services, making it a popular method for bloggers,

influencers, and content creators to monetize their platforms.

My definition

I have a feeling some of you here are like the peanuts character Charlie Brown hearing his teacher Wah Wah Wah Wah Wah.

So let’s go simple here.

Affiliate definition

An Affiliate is simply a partner relationship between a company and a the  company’s products you represent. Most companies have

you apply for their affiliate links.

Dean Holland’s Iceberg Effect is a great way to start

The company’s themselves will want to know how you will market their product before they give you

access to their products.

Method’s of Promoting Affiate Products

You might want to send emails, use FaceBook or YouTube Videos, a Blog Post or even TikTok Videos. Well you get the idea right?

That is not to say you spam your link everywhere, and hope for the best. Such behaviors will get you kicked out of several fine

internet establishments.

Did I say Free

My suggestion would always be that you give your audience value to attract them to you site with something called a lead magnet or

rather a gift to attract their attention.

Never send a future customer directly to an offer or you will never know who bought an item. A better way is to construct  a list by building

a funnel to capture their name and email address.

You may find that only a very small percentage of people will buy first time through so you will need to remarket to them over time, and

your number of happy buyers potentially will grow.

Amount of Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate commisions can run anywhere between 4% and 50%. The issue that sometimes happen’s in this day and time is that most

first time commissions can be quite small. Typically they running somewhere between $3.95 and $7.95. Many such offers can be thought of

as appetizers between the main course. Up above you you can see two such examples.

Such offers let you dip your feet in to see if you like it.

Beside spending less that cup of coffee to help you the down the affiliate path

will never break the bank.

On your road map of affiliate success you might see:

How to Unlock Your Beginners Advantage >>>Deploy Your Owned Assets>>>Capture>>Use Fan Focused Followup>>>Ignite your P&S Traffic>>>Monetize

Next time we will Unlock these sections of the map. So with persistant time and effort you may well find affiliate gold at the place where X marks the spot.

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!


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