We All Start at Zero

Wanna know the biggest secret about affiliate marketing?

You may have guessed by the title. We all start at Zero. Even my mentor Dean Holland started at Zero. In fact,

he spent three years at zero. Truth is I did too. I truly hate to admit it, but truth is truth.

So let’s talk about my hero Zero.

My Hero Zero

Sometimes you have to give yourself a break.

Think about your current job. Did you know it all at the very beginning? So give your self the opportunity to make some mistakes.

If you got it right all the time, what’s the fun in that. So instead of moaning about where you are, wish you were better. The better you get the less mistakes that you make. Sometimes those mistakes lead to some absolutely solid breakthru’s

Blog Oblivion

You know I thought that I would be way ahead at getting people to come to my blog, so I just figured when building this new blog that I would snap my fingers and people would come.

I now find that a bit comical. What was i thinking?

In fact, one of the best things Dean shared with us on our Beginner’s Advantage Training was to check out each other’s blogs and share comments with each other. I am truly amazed at the creativity and outstanding artwork that I have seen on others blog posts. But the Big secret here is that you are developping new skills as you see what is great on other people’s blogs. And who wants to go to a blog that no one else is reading.

Always nice to see that others are commenting on the blog you are reading.

The other big secret is directing traffic to your blog.

Traffic Director

There are a few ways to direct traffic to your blog.

1st way is to practice SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Filling you blog full of all sorts of key words and phrases. You even note that having the right hashtags and keyword phrases will lead others to come to your blog.

Another way to bring people to your blog is to pick a platform to grow your audience. Platforms include but are not limited to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and of course TikTok. Start and become good at one. Once you have mastered that is to pick up a second one, and perhaps a third in time. Please do not forget forums. ( Yes they still exist) Think Quora and Warriors Forum plus dozens of others.

Did you also know that you can buy traffic by putting ads on Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and even Pinterest. You could also rent someone else’s list. Sometime’s renting anothers list is the best way to test your own assets like your blog or funnel.

Asset in the Audience

How can you ever expect money if you have no audience. So I want you to think about how you want to build you audience. In the coming weeks I will show you which places I use to build my audience. You may be surprised which they are. If you think about Dean’s picture of an iceberg, you begin to understand its not all about what you see, but what’s underneath the surface.

Tune into the secrets I have learned and find some amazing secrets in the next few weeks …


2 thoughts on “We All Start at Zero”

  1. Hi, Scott!
    It is hard to be at the beginning, isn’t it? But we all have one, and most of us consider we still are. I know I’ve been working on my business for over a year, but I am still at the beginning stages. But there’s no shame in that. I’ve learned so much in the past year, and I feel like all the pieces are beginning to fall into place and will soon be ticking away like the inner workings of a new clock.

    It sounds like you’ve chosen and are working on your traffic source. I look forward to hearing more about your journey!

    Here’s to new beginnings!


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