The $400,000 Lesson that knotted me up

I apologize that it has been a month since I last posted my blog.

Sometimes we face matters that are beyond our control, but what do we do about it so we do not get distracted. You see about a year ago one of my longterm clients became very unhappy with me, and dragged me through the court system. I assure you it is not a pleasent experience, especially since I did not feel that I had done anything wrong. Everyday that I thought I would be a calm down I received another communication asking for more documents. I got caught up in an emotional bubble where the world seem to crash in on itself.

You know my brain went all sorts of places from being wiped out to being totally anger or sad at the circumstances my family faced. I blamed my pursuers for ruining my Summer, Fall, and even Winter. Why would they do this to me?

Eventually, through the help of some great mentors and counselors that this court suit did not represent who I am am and what I stand for.

What is my point here? Please know that eventhough the world seems to feel like it is closing in, realize that these situations do not last forever. Just for a moment in time.

Today I take back my life and move ahead. Today

I begin with a new motto.

“Forward” in spite of circumstances.

I pray that you can do this too.


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