In 2020 I had the notion that it is possible to make a full time living online.

I watched, took notes, and figured making a living online would be an easy endeavor. I

would use the skills  acquired from building a brick and mortar accounting and tax business.

You can bet that the adventure never stops and niether does the skill group needed to succeed.

Stage 1

When I first started it seemed to be a wild frontier like the California Gold Rush, everybody had their

own idea about what worked and what did not.  I learned overtime that there are certain basics that

are evergreen. These basics, we call strategies, because they work (with regular effort) for long periods

of time.

I learned not to keep my eyes on the lastest shiney object (and there are alot of them).

It is my goal to help you with the end in mind.

The journey it not easy, but always worth it

Please never, never, never quit, and remember also there is no magic bullet.

I emphatically welcome you to the journey, I am expecting you.

Welcome aboard.