Distracted ….

You know this week is one of the toughest that I can remember. Everything and everyone seems to be in distraction mode when I was desperately

trying to document the different stages in the online space. So here I am on Saturday night looking to catch up with where I left off.

In case you looked, you will note that last week we took some time to learn about different business entitites from which your business can function.


While not interesting to some, certainly a necessity as we grow our businesses.


Please realize that distractions are not the end of the world. We all get beached every once in a while. We just need to make sure we are able to dust ourselves

off, and move forward.


So you are seeing my dusting off phase.


I have now taken a deep breathe now, and look forward next week providing something more substantial than this brief little breather.


While I am dusting off I suggest you check out The Iceberg Effect by Dean Holland.